Doctoral supervision is becoming an important challenge for many institutions delivering management education at doctoral level. The emergence of a global market for recruiting of Faculty members makes the quality of doctoral education and doctoral supervision in Management and Business Studies a major concern for the coming decades.


Increasingly, doctoral programmes will be evaluated on their capacity to produce full-time doctorates in relatively short periods of time (3-4 years), on their ability to show relevance for the corporate world and on their success at generating publications in outstanding academic journals. Efficient and excellent supervision becomes a condition of survival and development for doctoral programmes across Europe and beyond.


EIASM and EDAMBA, both of which have a long experience in doctoral training, have decided to join forces to create a space of exchange, communication and training among actual and potential supervisors of institutions of their respective networks and beyond.



Younger faculty and post-docs with research background who will have to supervise doctoral dissertations in the near future. They can find in this event an opportunity to learn and get advice from participants and faculty with a rich experience in both research and practice of supervision.


Senior supervisors who can find in this event an opportunity for exchanging with colleagues on the various challenges of supervision, and who are ready in the spirit of the EDAMBA-EIASM values, to share their experience and ideas with the incoming generation of new supervisors.

Mixing senior and junior colleagues in that context will create many benefits,
as it will make it possible to:

  • Share concerns and/or questions relative to doctoral supervision across institutional, disciplinary and geographical boundaries;
  • Foster a dialogue in an intellectually stimulating and still intimate environment;
  • Learn from best research practices and outcomes throughout Europe and beyond.



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